Uploading data to Names & Faces

1. Accessing Adminland on the web

Start by signing into your Names & Faces directory on your desktop at the following: https://web.namesandfaces.com 

Once in, click on "Adminland" in the top right to access your data management functionality.

2. Uploading your data

To edit your data and publish changes, select "Data Management". Here you'll see an option to upload your people data. Tap  the Upload link to select the csv, .xls(x) or JSON from your desktop. 

Should your data be split over two or more data sources, you can upload these as many files as you like; previous files will not be overwritten. 

As soon as we've received your data and configured your directory, you'll see the changes in your Names & Faces app and on the web.


Let us know if you have any questions on hello@namesandfaces.com