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Photo guidelines

From size to composition, all you need to know about what makes a good photo for your Names & Faces directory

While it's your choice whether you're going for a consistent style of photo across your directory or if you'd like your people to showcase a bit of their personality in their submissions, the guidelines below will help you put together the photos for your directory.

  • Format
    You can upload either .jpg and/or .png images to your directory
  • Size
    Profile photos will be cropped to 1020 pixels wide, so we recommend uploading photos of around 2000 x 2000 pixels to ensure photos appear nice and sharp. A portrait shot from any modern smart phone will be more than adequate. There is no upper limit for the size of your photos
  • Composition
    On upload, our system will automatically crop your photos around the detected face, so there is no need for manual cropping before you upload. For best results, make sure there is one face per photo and sufficient space all around the face to allow for a consistent crop.
  • Orientation
    Please ensure your photos are uploaded in the correct orientation, as your are currently unable to rotate photos from within the system


And that's it!