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Managing your index with file uploads

Whether you're importing data from your HRIS, any other system, or from a spreadsheet on your desktop, here's how to keep your index up-to-date with file uploads.

For a step by step demo to building your index, visit our video library

Uploading new data

Upload your data file by adding it as a data source on the Data section of your Admin dashboard. Choose your file and follow the prompts to complete the set up. 

Note: File uploads must follow these formatting conventions in order to be processed.

Updating data

To update your index with new data, upload the new, complete data set. Each upload will overwrite the previous data.

Do this by selecting the 'Manage' button on your data source on the Data page of your dashboard, and choosing 'Reupload file'.

  • To add new people: add a new row of data to your import and reupload the full data set
  • To remove a person: delete the row of data and reupload. Check you haven't left any blank rows in amongst your other data
  • To add a new field or category: add a new column to your data and reupload

Scheduled updates and reminders

To offer ongoing value, it's important that your users know they can rely on the information in your index. We're working on setting up scheduled updates via our api or sftp, as well as update reminders, but in the meantime, please remember to keep your index up-to-date by uploading regular updates.

Next step

Once you've connected your data, move onto designing your index layout.


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