Index building requirements

Creating your own index is quick and easy, here's all you'll need to get started

  1. Your people data
    This is the information that will populate your index. Whether you're gathering this information from scratch or making use of an existing database you can manage your data by connecting a Google Sheet, or uploading csv or xlsx files.

    The information you display in your index is completely up to you, but if you're looking for guidance on what to include have a look at some suggested fields here.
  2. A logo
    Your logo or image will display on your index home screen and in the Names & Faces menu
  3. Photos of your people
    While you can use our photo collection tool to request photos from the people in your index, it is useful to upload any photos you have available up front.
  4. Your smartphone
    Be sure to check on the progress of your index as you build it by downloading the Names & Faces app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

For a step by step demo to building your index have a look through our video library.



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