Granting users access to your app with Adminland

Please note: only Admins will have access to the Adminland feature. Should you require access to this feature, please contact Names & Faces. 

Step 1: Add user in Adminland

To add a user directly from your phone, open your Name & Faces app, tap “Adminland” in the top right of your screen and select “User Management”. To create a new user, tap “+ Action” and then "Add new user". Enter the user’s details.

Step 2: Send users an invitation to sign up

You can send new users an invitation to sign up via an email to the address provided, or via an sms to a specified number. If sending an sms, remember to include a "+" followed by the country code.

You can resend this invitation at any time by tapping on an Unactivated users email address in User Management.

Step 3: Signing in

The new user should then download the Names & Faces app by tapping on the link in their invitation from their phone or desktop and follow the prompts to access their directory.

And that’s it.


If you have any trouble, please send us an email at