Email template to launch Names & Faces to your team

Email launch

Please see the launch email below to be sent to all staff members to launch your Names & Faces directory. We've identified that launches are most effective if this launch email is sent by a senior member of staff. 


=====Launch template start====

Hi all,

You know when you're part of a growing team like [organisation name] it can be tricky to get to know everyone and how we all fit in here? And you know how this can make things awkward and difficult to feel settled and engaged with the whole team?

Well we do, which is why we’re introducing Names & Faces to [organisation name]. Names & Faces is not a new social network and it’s not a new communication tool. It’s simply the fastest, most effective people directory we’ve come across, making it easy to orientate yourself, find out who is who and get in touch with the right people in the right part of the business the minute you need to.

Getting access is easy. Simply go to and enter your email address to download the Android or iOS app or sign in on the web.

We hope this helps you develop the real-world relationships within the team so we can do even better things together.

Let us know what you think?



Please feel free to edit this, but just make sure the link works before sending.

Sign up process

The link in the launch email will identify whether a user is on a mobile device or desktop and react appropriately. Mobiles users will be sent straight to the App/Play store to download the Names & Faces app, while desktop users will be directed to Names & Faces for web in their internet browser. Both sign in pages will ask the user to enter their email address. If authorised, the user will then receive an email with a magic link to take them directly into their Names & Faces directory.


At any stage, users can get in touch with Names & Faces support through our widget or on


And that's it. Good luck with your launch!