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Data formatting requirements

While you're free to include any data you like in your directory, your spreadsheet will need to comply with a few data conventions in order to be successfully imported.

Header in Row 1

  • Your data must include a single heading row in Row 1 of your spreadsheet, with your first data entry in R0w 2
  • There should be no further heading rows further down the sheet
  • While certain cells can be blank, there should be no blank rows amongst your data entries

Must include an email reference (unique ID)

  • All entries must contain a unique email address
  • Email addresses do not need to be valid or in email format

Separate multiple entries in a single column with a semicolon

  • Add an entry into multiple categories in a single cell by separating these with a semicolon eg: Marketing; Management 

Mobile/phone numbers must contain full dial codes

  • In order to experience full in-app calling and messaging functionality, all phone numbers must be formatted to include both international and local dial codes

Template download

Click here to access a data template to get you started.


If you're looking for information on what fields make for a great directory, check out a list of suggestions here.


And that's it! Let us know if you're having any trouble with connecting your data.