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Data collection tips

Whether you're collecting all your index data from scratch or looking to add additional fields to existing data, follow these tips for best results

Data collection tips

  1. When choosing a survey or form tool to collect your data, be sure to check whether they have a Google Sheets integration to manage the responses. This will make your Names & Faces index creation easy. As such, we recommend using Google Forms.
  2. Always collect the email address of responders as part of your form. This will allow you to combine form data with any other data you may have, and filter for duplicate responses
  3. Where possible, make use of multi-select responses rather than free form text. This will make for consistently formatted categories in your index. You can always include an 'Other' free form catch-all if you're unsure of all possible responses
  4. Provide example answers for free form text responses. This should result in a better response rate as responders will understand the types of answers you're looking for
  5. Connect your responses in Google Sheets to your Names & Faces and watch your index build itself

Photo collection tips

  1. If you're collecting photos through your form (you could also do this after you've build your index with our photo collection tool), provide an example head and shoulders style photo.

    Note: Responders will have to sign in with a google account in order to upload files via Google Forms.
  2. If you're collecting photos, specify a naming convention or export submitted photos named by a field in your data for easy matching - we suggest email address. 



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