Best practice: Launching your Names & Faces app to your organization

1. Planting the seed - team meeting

Get your team interested and excited about the app by mentioning it in a team meeting before its launch. 

Our experience shows that everybody can relate to the discomfort of not knowing somebody in your company's name. Whether it's your first day in the office and you're meeting everyone at once but can't remember who is who and who does what, or you've been there for two years and you bump into somebody whose name you really should know but don't. Maybe you're meeting someone you've never met before and would like to know a few things about them, or need to get in touch with someone whose contact details aren't accessible while you're on the road. The truth is that better conversations happen when people know each other's names, which also makes for a friendlier, more collaborative, and more efficient environment. Names & Faces is a tool that will help your staff get to know the names and roles of their fellow employees and get in touch when they need to.

2. Activation email

We all receive too many emails every day to pay attention to those from companies we have never heard about. This is why we suggest that companies send an internal activation email from a senior person in the organization in order to generate the attention that the project requires to be a success. This mail should include a URL provided by us, to the Names & Faces sign up page. This is where users will verify that their email address is authorised to access the app and request download instructions, which will be sent to this email address (be sure that you have whitelisted the domain as mentioned in our previous guide, before sending this mail).

An example of this mail is as follows:


Hi all,

You know when you're part of a growing team like [organization name] it can be tricky to get to know everyone and how we all fit in here? And you know how this can make things awkward and difficult to feel settled and engaged with the whole team?

We do, which is why we’re introducing Names & Faces to [organization name]. Names & Faces is not a new social network and it’s not a new communication tool. It’s simply the fastest, most effective people directory we’ve come across, making it easy to orientate yourself, find out who is who and get in touch with the right people in the right part of the business the minute you need to.

Getting access is easy. Simply go to and enter your email address to download the Android or iOS app or sign-in on the web.

We hope this helps you develop the real-world relationships within the team so we can do even better things together.

Let us know what you think?
Feel free to edit this, but just make sure the link works before sending.

3. Internal follow-up email

We're all busy, and sometimes emails don't get the attention they require. For this reason, we suggest you follow up the activation email with a short reminder to download the app. This can be sent to all staff a couple of days after the initial email, and could look something like this

Hi all,

A few days ago we launched  [organization name] Names & Faces app, which we've received some great feedback on so far. If you haven't had a chance to download the app yet, please be sure to visit the following so that you can get up and running with the rest of us: 

Once you've spent some time on the app, be sure to let us know what you think.

Bye for now

4. Names & Faces email

From here on, your staff may begin to recognize Names & Faces, so we'll take it from here. We will begin sending targeted emails to those staff who have not yet downloaded the app, encouraging them to do so. We'll continue to send these emails over the next few weeks detailing features of the app and offering tips on how to get the best out of it. All recipients will have the option to unsubscribe to these emails at any time.


Now that you're Names & Faces app is in the hands of your users, be sure to keep it as up to date as possible. This will ensure the app remains a super useful and reliable tool for your people.