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Adding photos to your index

Photos of your people make for beautiful looking directories and will help users remember who's who. Here's how you can easily populate your Names & Faces directory using existing photos or by collecting them from your people.

This article relates to our Self-service product only. If you're looking to manage photos for your Enterprise directory you can view this here

Many organisations want to maintain consistency in the presentation of their directories by using professional or internally taken photos. This makes sense if you have these photos or resources available, in which case you can simply upload and match these to your directory. If you don't have all your photos on hand, simply use our photo collector to request these from your people and get your directory up and running in the shortest time. The individuality of collected photos is sure to make for a vibrant directory that is easy to maintain as people come and go.

Upload and match your existing photos

To upload individual or batches of photos, navigate to the Photos section in your directory builder and select 'Upload photos +'. 

Note: Your photos will be automatically cropped around the most prominent person, so there's no need for you to crop images before uploading.

You’ll need to match your uploaded photos to your people before you can view them in your directory. Provided you’ve uploaded your data, you can do this individually by selecting 'Match' on the photo and searching for the person in question or using the dropdown on the people list. 

Bulk Matching

If you have already connected data to your directory and your photos are named by a field in your data (we recommend email address) you can match all your photos in three clicks:

  1. Select 'Match all photos'
  2. Choose the field that matches the filenames of your photos and
  3. 'Match Photos'

Note: You can use multiple fields to match photos by running through this process over and over, selecting different matching fields each time.

Collecting photos

To ask your people to populate their own photos simply select 'Collect photos' from your Photos page. 

You can request a photo from a handful of people or everyone by selecting their email addresses and clicking 'Send # emails →'.

Your recipients will then receive an email as per the displayed message preview and can upload a photo of their choice via the link provided. Now stand back and watch your directory build itself!



And that's it! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on hello@namesandfaces.com or starting a chat.